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About Cross-Work Church Tahoka

The mission of Cross-Work Church is to glorify God, seek and save the lost, and make disciples. We have four ways that we believe we will accomplish this mission.

The Triangle looks like a pulpit, and we use this to represent our worship time. During worship we come together to worship and glorify God in songs and sermon. 


The Circle looks like a table, and we use this to represent our table group. Our table groups are designed to look similar to Jesus' table group. We should have a small group we gather with of no more than twelve, and we should also have a smaller group of two or three, like Jesus did.

The Square looks like our town square, and we use this to remember to serve our town. There are people in our towns that are in need of the gospel and they don't know it. We want to serve our town, and leverage our serving for opportunities to present the gospel.

The Arrow is a forward arrow, and we use this to remember to pay it forward. When Jesus died, He gave every drop of blood to bring us back into a relationship with God, and, at Cross-Work Church, we want to be just as generous. We want to give of our time, talent, and treasures to see people know and glorify God. 

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