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I have been happily married for 19 years to my college sweetheart. We have four boys, each with a name that reflects the two most essential things in my life: the Bible and comic books. Each of them has a name from a Bible character and a superhero.

I am a Teaching Pastor at CrossWork Church. God called me to ministry when I was 19, but it took me a week to submit to Him after wrestling with my doubts and rationalizing my response. Since then, I have devoted my life to obeying God's plan, which led to the planting of a church in rural Texas.

I am passionate about my town and the Gospel. Many good people in my small town are missing out on the Gospel. They may be friendly and have good morals, but without the Gospel, they are lost. My mission is to bring the Gospel to the people in my town and eventually to other small towns nearby.

Mike Watt

Teaching Pastor

I hail from Lubbock, Texas, and accompanying me is my wonderful dog, Coco, and we reside in Tahoka. At the moment, I am pursuing a degree in Christian Ministry and have been blessed to partake in various ministries that I never envisioned being a part of. 


If someone had asked me in high school what I would be doing as an adult, I would have never imagined planting a church in Tahoka, Texas. Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful to be a church community member. I aspire to bring glory to God by creating disciples and by reaching those who are distant from God. Ultimately, I aim to go to a country unreached by the gospel, particularly Japan. For now, I desire to be a sender, telling individuals about the need for Christians in other countries and assisting them in getting there. Therefore, if you happen to converse with me, be warned...

Trevor Cowan

Executive Pastor


I have spent my entire life residing in West Texas, where I am a proud native. My two daughters are the most wonderful girls in the world, and I have been married to my incredible wife for over three decades. Since my middle school days,


I have been a devoted follower of Christ and take immense pleasure in serving Him and His kingdom.

At CrossWork Church, I serve as an elder alongside my closest pals, and I am eager to witness what God has in store for our congregation and community. I feel blessed by God to have the opportunity to contribute to His kingdom work.

Jamie Hinojosa

Lay Elder

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