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"Shiloh 3:16 Shaker Pint Glass"

Gather your fellowship and fill up the "Shiloh 3:16 Shaker Pint Glass," a testament to camaraderie, faith, and the light-hearted spirit of your favorite podcast moments. Adorned with the iconic "Get Thy Butt to Church" logo, this pint glass isn't just a container for your favorite drinks—it's a call to community, a reminder to cherish the gatherings that uplift and inspire.

Key Features:

Generous Grace: With a 16 oz capacity, it's perfectly sized for your preferred beverages, from morning refreshments to evening relaxations.
Versatile Vessel: Ideal for a cold brew or as the mixing glass for your non-alcoholic cocktail creations, this pint glass serves multiple purposes in your glassware collection.
Handcrafted Heritage: Each glass bears the unique touch of its creation, sourced with care. Tiny imperfections like bubbles and dots highlight its handmade nature, adding character and story.
Durable Devotion: Crafted for durability, its simple yet sturdy design ensures it stands by you, gathering after gathering.
A Humble Note: This glass, while not suited for the dishwasher or microwave, is easy to care for, promising to be a long-lasting emblem of your shared laughs and lessons.

Whether it's for the early riser ready for a day of service or the night owl reflecting on the day's blessings, the "Shiloh 3:16 Shaker Pint Glass" is more than just a glass—it's a reminder of where we're called to be, not just on Sundays, but every day. So here's to unity, to faith, and to getting our butts to where they matter most—in fellowship, in service, in church.

Shiloh 3:16 Shaker pint

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