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A Journey of Faith and Love: Spreading the Gospel in South Africa

Once in a small town called Tahoka, Texas, nestled among the vast plains, a church plant named CrossWork Church stood strong. Led by three devoted elders, Mike Watt, Trevor Cowan, and Jamie Hinojosa, this tight-knit congregation had a burning passion for sharing the gospel with the world. Five years ago, a chance encounter with a local missionary, Jerrod Ethridge, sparked a dream that would soon become a reality - a mission trip to South Africa.

As the day of departure drew near, excitement and anticipation filled the hearts of the missionary team. However, the journey ahead was not without its trials. United Airlines decided to test their resilience with delayed flights and missed connections. Their 4-day journey to South Africa became an unexpected adventure, but they knew God had a greater plan in store.

Finally arriving in the heart of Limpopo, the team was met with awe and curiosity from the local villagers. The warm embrace and the joyful songs of welcome filled their hearts with gratitude and purpose. The first day's ceremony and shared meal on Jerrod's property solidified the connection between the missionaries and the community.

The Vacation Bible School brought hundreds of bright-eyed children eager to learn about the names of God. Through crafts, memory verses, and playtime, the team discovered the true meaning of joy as they saw the children's smiles light up the room. But the impact of their mission reached far beyond the classroom.

At the youth conference in Mohlaletsi, the young adults gathered with hope in their hearts and burning questions about theology and the gospel. Their thirst for truth ignited the team's passion to provide a solid foundation on scripture, making the sessions an invigorating exchange of knowledge and faith.

Throughout their journey, the team immersed themselves in the rich culture of the Pedi people. Their hospitality and kindness left a profound mark on the missionaries' hearts, making them feel at home in a land far from their own.

With colorful beads representing the gospel, the team crafted lessons that would stay in the children's hearts forever. The impact of these catechisms resonated not only with the young but also with the team themselves, instilling an unshakable sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Being the first missionary team to visit this area filled the hearts of the locals with pride and curiosity. Their presence was a beacon of hope, inspiring the young and old alike to seek a deeper understanding of faith and the gospel.

The mission trip touched the lives of the team in ways they could never have imagined. It recalibrated their understanding of the world and their role in spreading God's love. The flame that had been sparked during this journey burned brighter within them, fueling their desire to continue serving God and the people of Limpopo.

As the mission trip came to a close, the team left South Africa with hearts overflowing with gratitude and love. They had experienced the transformative power of faith and witnessed the profound impact of the gospel on the hearts of the Pedi people. The journey had changed them, giving them a deeper appreciation for God's work in the world and their part in it.

Let this story be a reminder of the extraordinary impact we can have when we answer the call to share God's love and truth. May we be inspired to step out in faith, wherever we are, and embrace the power of the gospel in our lives and the lives of others. Together, we can be a force of hope and love, spreading the good news to the ends of the earth.

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