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In this blog, I’ll be talking about a particularly great little Sunday at Cross-Work. It’s a day I want to remember, and I think you will understand why. Let’s get into it!

Our church start up is still pretty small and things are pretty simple. We don’t so Sunday morning services. Our service starts at 5pm instead. To prepare for the gathering, the team shows up about half an hour early to set up chairs and audio/visual. Everything is pretty small right now, but we are ready to scale to without a ton of effort.

After set up, we have a time of prayer. This is pretty simple as well. We shut down all the talking and playing and get all the helpers and kids together and ask for prayer requests. We always pray for God to fill the empty chairs with people who don’t know Him. Simple.

Last Sunday was the last gathering before Thanksgiving, so I felt God leading us just offer prayers of thanksgiving. This prayer time we would have no requests, or supplications, or unspoken concerns. This prayer time, our little church just offered praises to God for who He is and what He’s done. Simple.

It was such a sweet time of prayer. It started with the kids but soon everybody was involved! One kiddo would share a praise with the group and then I would ask a different kid to praise God for what their friend shared. The kiddo would pray then share a praise, then I’d ask a different kiddo to pray. The kids began to get excited about praising God and about praying to God! Then the adults started chiming in and that’s when it moved from exciting to powerful! People sharing wins that God gave them, then other adults offering praying those praises to God Almighty! Simple, but so dang good.

I hope you can see why it was a Sunday I don’t soon want to forget. As a church, we were in prayer and even excited about prayer. As a church, we were taking each other’s praises to God and thanking Jesus for what He had done. As a church, we were loving one another. Simple. As a pastor, I’m so dang proud of my family and friends. And I want to take a second to follow their example, and simply thank God for them.

Your favorite church planter

Mike Watt

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