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That's Coconuts!

On this week’s blog, we will talk about the importance of the Bible in the life of a Jesus Follower. Let’s get into it!

So the other day I was caught in a downward spiral of Facebook videos. You know what I’m talking about! When you click on a video on The Facebook, and then it suggests another video then another and then another and each is as fascinating as it is a waste of time! Well, I was caught in that rabbit hole of videos and landed on one that just stuck with me. It was labeled “Fresh coconut water from a guy with all ten of his fingers”. My initial thought was, “I’m not sure his finger count would be a deal breaker for me” but I watched anyway!

The way the dude handled the coconut and super sharp blade was so slick. I found my self caught up in two simultaneous thoughts: 1. I love the way he plucks a whole for the juice to flow out! It’s was amazing! 2. I can see how all 10 fingers is a rarity in the coconut cutting business!

The dude was an expert! I’m sure the analogy will breakdown soon enough, but run with me down this rabbit hole for a bit!

We all need to have similar expertise when it comes to what we believe about God. The blade the coconut cutter didn’t really care what it cut. The blade would just as simply cut thru coconut as it would fingers! It was the handlers job to place it where it was needed and with the correct amount of force. If done wrong, then the handler would suffer a loss.

The Bible is like that blade. In fact, Ephesians 6 calls the word of God the “sword of the spirit”. Every believer is called to handle it with coconut cutter expertise! We are called to use the word of God where it is needed and with the correct amount of force. And similarly, if done wrong, we will suffer loss.

Honestly the coconut cutter was just a regular guy who took his job seriously. He did not have years of school or multiple degrees on cart wall, but he did have all ten of his fingers! AS Jesus Followers, we don’t have to be theologians with stacks of degrees on our walls, but we should all ten of our fingers. Maybe if we spend the time and care that the coconut cutter does on his keeping his fingers on our Bible reading it would help.

Just a little food for thought!

Your favorite church planter,

Mike Watt

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