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The Square

We have been talking about the activity of a believer. What are things a true Christian should be focused on doing and becoming? I this week’s blog we will discuss this week’s shape. Let’s get into it!

When it comes to activity, if a family was so inclined they could be busy every night of the week! In fact, I have heard people boast in how busy their family is! I myself have slipped into seasons where I have activities every night of the week. Being that busy is not good for me. It left me no energy.

Jesus tells a story about a two “godly men” who were too busy to help, and it doesn’t go so good for them (Luke 10:25-37). For this reason, we must be sure our activities are God honoring and not ignoring the needs that God puts in front of us.

At Cross-Work Church, we understand how easy it is to be busy and for our lives to get bent out of shape! We use four shapes to help us: the triangle, the circle, the square, and the arrow. The triangle represents the pulpit, reminding us to prioritize cooperate worship. The circle represents a table, reminding us to be a part of a small group. This week we will talk about the square.

The square represents the town square. This shape reminds us to server our community. This should be done individually as well as a church. We want to add value to our town. We want our town see our servant hearts. We want to meet needs in order that we can share Jesus with people in our community.

We cannot serve our community well if we are too busy. For this reason, we have to have discernment. I love what Charles Spurgeon said about the subject of discernment!

“Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.”

If we are going to impact our town square with the Gospel, we must keep our schedules from being too full. To do that, we will have to know the difference between right and almost right.

-Your favorite church planter

Mike Watt

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