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The Strength of Meekness

This week we talk about becoming meek. Let’s get into it!

I don’t understand why so many people hate on Superman. Most who dislike Superman complain about him being overpowered as a superhero. Then most conversations devolve into how their favorite underdog hero could beat up Superman. Here’s the problem, superman doesn’t need to fight any of those other superheroes. As a side note, if their guy could beat up an overpowered Superman, doesn’t that make their guy overpowered and thus turning their underdog superhero into what they hated about Superman in the first palace!

I cannot help but introject logic my discussions, even if it’s about something as illogical as superheroes. Here’s what I know as a longtime fan of the Man of Steel. Superman fans are actually Clark Kent fans. He’s the real hero. Clark uses his powers for good and helps the weak. When people say “Clark Kent is Superman,” they get it wrong. Superman is Clark Kent. The mild mannered reporter who is both gentle and meek is the realest part of the hero. That’s that part of the man who influences how the day is saved and how the villain gets beat.

Superman prefers to be the meek and gentle Clark Kent over the super strength and bullet proof of the red and blue. If I’m honest, that’s not always my preference. When struggling with difficult people or a tough task, I often prefer to “make it happen” or “get ‘er done”. That’s not only bad superhero-ing, it’s not how Jesus Followers reflect the one we are following!

Meek and Gentle are virtues the Bible prescribes, but the world has little room for. Jesus said blessings will come to those who are “meek” (Matt 5:5) In addition, Paul said “gentleness” is one of the fruit of the Spirit. So how do we do it? What practical things can regular people like us do to be meek and gentle?

I absolutely LOVE Kevin DeYoung’s definition: “Meekness is the sweet mixture of patience, gentleness, and complete submission to the will of God.” It helps me to remember that meekness is not weakness; they are not the same.

When dealing with difficult people or circumstances I need to remember to take some patience, mix in gentleness and continue to submit to what God’s word plainly says and then I am being meek! I don’t have to leap tall buildings to do that! I’m not saying it’s easy or that I get it right every time. I do believe that is a process I can try to work into my life of following Jesus. And I bet you can too!

Your favorite Church Planter

Mike Watt

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