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Title Fight

In this blog, we will talk about how the different titles we have are similar to the shoes that we wear. Let’s get to it!

We all wear different shoes for different activities. We wear dress shoes for fancy functions, we wear athletic shoes for working out, or sandals for casual activities. I’m normally a $50 pair of high tops kind of guy. I like a little ankle support but also like to be active, and I’m not a fan of spending tons of money on my feet. But a few years back, I discovered God made me weird. I know you’re thinking I should have figured that out long before that, but let me explain.

I have different sized feet. My right foot is about a ½ inch bigger than my left. The foot size difference causes me to have some foot problems that only specialized shoes can help me with. My foot oddity has forced me to change what shoes I buy, AND how much I pay! Now I have to buy special orthopedic shoes that cost me three times as much as I use to pay. Initially, I was not happy about it, but the change has been worth it. I’m no longer in pain at the end of the day and I don’t spend hours rolling the arch of my foot on a baseball. All that shoe swapping was actually hurting me. Now I basically wear the same shoes, no matter what.

We all have different titles we have to wear: Mom, Dad, employee, boss, friend, the list goes on. Some of these titles can slip on and off depending on the activity. At work because of my title, I need to be focused on productivity so I focus on these getting things done. At home, my title is Dad and husband, so I need to be people focused.

The problem comes when we think our Christianity is something we can change into! Being a Christian is not a title and it’s not like a pair of shoes we can slip on and off depending on the activity. To be a Christian is to be a Jesus follower NO MATTER WHAT. In all circumstances, we look to Jesus. Our aim is to live for Him and bring Him glory. He is to be the constant; the shoes we never take off. Like my crazy orthopedic shoes, Jesus Follower is the title we put on, and never change out of.

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on God’s glory, and what it means to live for His glory. If a life of fulfillment is your goal, then God’s glory needs to be at the top of your list. Drop me a line. I’d love to continue the conversation.

Your favorite Church Planter

-Mike Watt

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